I believe flowers tell a unique story…

Let’s tell it together…


Hello! I’m Kari Roach, owner and floral designer of Driftwood & Pine.

I believe flowers tell a unique story… the way each stem twists and bends, and each bloom opens differently to create a conversation for anyone to relate.

It has always been a dream of mine to pursue the artistry of design. After meeting my (now) husband, he encouraged me to ‘follow my heart’ and begin a career in floral design. After discovering the opportunity to pursue an education right here in the Pacific Northwest, I attended the Floral Design Institute where I learned the skillset of flower care and arranging. I graduated in April, 2017 as a certified Floral Designer.

Since graduating, I have developed my craft of design with care and a meticulous eye. Each design is created thoughtfully with intentional space for every stem to unfold as its own. I have always gravitated towards muted color schemes, wild foliage and intended negative space.

I approach my clients as more than just a florist. I love creating meaningful relationships with people where we collectively build your dream wedding / event and see it come to fruition with the hope of working together again. 

I look forward to meeting and designing with you soon.

With love for flowers,

K a r i"